We are appreciated to meet You on our home page and would like to tell You a short story about us. FLYLAND - is a small family kennel. We - Svetlana Kreslina, Maxim Kreslins and our son Stiven, live in Latvia, not far from the capital city of Riga, on the banks of the river Misa, next to the beautiful and big forest where our dogs like to walk. I am professionally engaged in dogs - kinologist, trainer and an agility judge. Most of free time I dedicate agility and my favorite four-legged friends.

It all began in 1995, when appeared my first dog, a dream of childhood, it was a poodle, Jessica, with whom began my fascination with these wonderful creatures!

That's how I became involved in agility, often occupied the top places and fell in love with this kind of sport! In 1999, Jessica received the injury and all the doctors put a cross on our sportsmen career. I was thinking about the acquisition of promising sportsmen after pausing a moment, the choice fell on the sheltie! I have got my little red puppie Fly in December 1999. And I never regretted for this choise! I fell in love in shelties! It is the perfect dog for me. I decided that her name must be used somehow when I had to choose a name for a kennel, that's how arrived "Flyland", the land where a Fly's live. Now I can't imagine my life without these wonderful furry creatures that make us happy, gratefully whom I have visited many countries and met many interesting people! All our dogs are training agility and successfully shows themselves at competitions, showing people that sheltie - is not only a beautiful dog, but still a very successful sportsmen!